Deja Vu: Why Do You Get That ‘I’ve Been In This Place Before’ Feeling?

Have you ever experienced a strange feeling when you look at something and think, “Hey! I’ve definitely seen that before.” This may be something that you’re watching for the first time in your life, even in a place where you have never been, but there is still a bizarre tickle at the back of your mind telling you that somehow, you are already familiar with the situation in front of you. It can be a bit unnerving, but also fascinating, and almost everyone in the world has felt it at some point, even if they didn’t know the word for it!

This feeling of being vaguely familiar with something which you (in some cases) know that you have never seen before is called ‘Deja Vu’. It is a French phrase that means ‘already seen.’ You may even be reading this article, sitting at your house right now, and your brain could suddenly tell you “Hey! I’ve been in this situation before” or “I’ve read this article before!”

It is quite difficult to put this feeling into words, which may also be one of the reasons why scientists have had a hard time identifying the reason behind this phenomenon. Fortunately, there have been some definite causes that have been determined for this strange and sometimes spooky feeling.

Take a good long look at this video and remember, this is not deja vu! This is all happening for the first time and you’ve never seen this video before… or have you?


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