About Us

ScienceABC.com was launched with the sole objective of finding and sharing fun and interesting science facts. We believe that Science is a fascinating and valuable area of study for people of all ages, and we’re not alone! This website is curated by a team of professionals who are passionate about Science. Our greatest hope is that the fun we have curating this content is the same for everyone who reads it.

Mission Statement

To quench the thirst of human curiosity about everything around us in the environment and the universe by explaining it in simple words.

The Story So Far

We have all had both good and bad teachers at various points in our lives. Some of our best teachers have taught us how to ask questions and then go forth and adventure to find the answer. Those values made discovery less daunting, and more fun. Science, if explained more simply and with the right questions, can be fascinating for one and all. This thought gave birth to ScienceABC.com in 2015. Since then, our mission has been to find interesting science questions and provide answers to them using proper scientific resources and journals. We hope that you find them useful and eye-opening! If you have any feedback or additional questions, you can write to us at admin@scienceabc.com.

The Team

Abhishek Jain, the chief

Abhishek is a Chemical Engineer from IIT Bombay, one of the premier engineering schools in India and the world. He spent 10 years in the corporate world until reaching a point in life where he decided to find a greater purpose. A problem-solver by design, he started searching for areas he wanted to direct his energy. Education and Sustainable Living were two areas close to his heart, and in 2012, he started BijliBachao.com a website dedicated to nudging consumer behavior towards sustainability and energy-efficient living. However, his love for science education gradually drove him to start ScienceABC. He firmly believes that a good teacher is one who can make concepts simple for students to understand, thereby generating their curiosity to find out more.

Ashish Tiwari, content manager/physics and chemistry editor

Ashish is a Science graduate (Bachelor of Science) from Punjabi University (India). He spearheads the content and editorial wing of ScienceABC and manages its official Youtube channel. He’s a Harry Potter fan and tries, in vain, to use spells and charms (Accio! [insert object name]) in real life to get things done. He totally gets why JRR Tolkien would create, from scratch, a language spoken by elves, and tries to bring the same passion in everything he does. A big admirer of Richard Feynman and Nikola Tesla, he obsesses over how thoroughly science dictates every aspect of life… in this universe, at least.

John Staughton, language editor

John is a traveling writer, editor and publisher who earned his English and Integrative Biology degrees from the University of Illinois in Champaign, Urbana (USA). He is the co-founder of a literary journal, Sheriff Nottingham, and calls the most beautiful places in the world his office. On a perpetual journey towards the idea of home, he uses words to educate, inspire, uplift and evolve.

Salama Yusuf, biology editor

Salama has a degree in Life sciences and biochemistry from St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai, which she puts to good use as a writer and editor at ScienceABC.com and the ScienceABC YouTube channel. She’s interested in how science has shaped society and underappreciated tidbits from the history of science (DNA was discovered by one Friedrich Miescher and not Watson and Crick).

Hussain Kanchwala, video editor/staff writer

Hussain is an Electronic Engineer from the University of Mumbai. He is a tech aficionado who loves to explicate on a wide range of subjects from applied and interdisciplinary sciences like Engineering, Technology, FinTech, Pharmacy, Psychology and Economics. He also manages our second YouTube channel – ScienceABC 2.0

Satish Tawate, animator

Satish is the lead animator of the official YouTube channel of ScienceABC where he creates animated science stories. He has a Bachelors in Commerce degree from Mumbai University (India). He is keenly interested in graphic design and animation. In his free time, he doodles, binge-watches movies, listens to music and reads novels.

Staff Writers

Prashant Lunawat

Prashant is a mechanical engineer and MBA from NMIMS University, Mumbai. An auto-fanatic with an insatiable need for speed, he is constantly on the look out for new technology in the field of automobiles. When he is not working, he loves to read, blog about cars, test the latest rides on the market and wash his own vehicles.

Aishwarya Ahuja

Aishwarya is a research scholar pursuing a PhD in the field of molecular neuroscience from the Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru. She is an avid reader and a bird lover. She loves to sing and finds solace in music. She turns to writing to escape the monotony in life. She is a tad bit philosophical and is ever curious to understand where and how spirituality meets science.

Anand Menon

Anand has a MSc Physics degree NIT Surathkal (India), and is currently undertaking a research project on galaxy evolution. He is passionate about nature and structures of the universe, and hopes to call himself a cosmologist one day. He likes to explore various genres in music; however, he is a metal-head and his favorite bands are Bring Me The Horizon and Deftones. His other interests include swimming and taking road trips.

Dr. Ron George

Dr Ron is an MBBS graduate from Father Muller Medical College, Mangalore. After gaining some experience in the department of General Surgery, he made the unconventional switch to neuroscience and stem cell research. He is currently working on a genetic disorder called Lowe Syndrome and is completing his Ph.D. in the same in NCBS, Bangalore. However, these are strictly Monday-Friday activities for him; he spends Saturdays dancing the night away and Sundays hunting down water bodies to jump in. With some dabbling in art and time kept aside for reading and writing, he intends to make people fall in love with science. He’s also on a mission to knit a sweater for his kitten.

Shreya Sethi

Shreya Sethi is currently a law student at National Academy of Legal Studies & Research (NALSAR) University, Hyderabad. She likes to believe that she was born with a book in her hand and that she has subsequently only replaced it occasionally to suit her reading list. She also enjoys a good cup of tea as she watches a better sunset. She is passionate about history, arguably, the greatest story ever told

Ownership and Funding Information

As part of our commitment to transparency, we want to provide you with detailed information about our ownership and funding sources. ScienceABC is owned and operated by Wattcon Technologies Private Limited, a privately held company based in Mumbai, India.


Wattcon Technologies Private Limited (CIN: U74120MH2015PTC264794) is solely owned by two shareholders:

  1. Abhishek Jain (https://www.linkedin.com/in/abhishekjain203/)
  2. Manisha Jain (https://www.linkedin.com/in/manisha0109/)

As the owners of ScienceABC, Abhishek Jain and Manisha Jain are deeply invested in promoting scientific knowledge and making science accessible to a global audience.

Funding Sources:

At ScienceABC, we are dedicated to maintaining the highest editorial standards while delivering top-quality content. To achieve this, we rely on various funding sources to support our operations. Our funding primarily comes from the following channels:

  1. Online Advertising: We generate revenue through advertisements displayed on our website. These ads are served through online advertising networks, including but not limited to Google Ads. Please note that these ads are separate from our editorial content, and our editorial team has no influence over the ads shown.
  2. Affiliate Sales: We participate in affiliate marketing programs, such as the Amazon Associates Program. When you click on an affiliate link on our website and make a purchase from the linked website, we may earn a small commission at no additional cost to you. These commissions help support our website’s maintenance and content creation.

Editorial Independence:

At ScienceABC, we take pride in our editorial independence. Our content is driven by a passion for scientific exploration and a commitment to presenting accurate, unbiased information. Our funding sources do not impact our editorial decisions, and we maintain a strict separation between our editorial team and any advertisers or affiliate partners.

Avoiding Conflicts of Interest:

To ensure that potential conflicts of interest do not compromise our commitment to accuracy and integrity, our editorial team follows strict guidelines. We disclose any relevant affiliations or financial interests that may exist when reporting on specific products, services, or companies.

Commitment to Quality Content:

Our primary focus is to provide you with reliable, engaging, and informative science content. We continuously strive to improve the user experience and maintain a website that is accessible to all.

Feedback and Questions:

We value the trust you place in us as your source of scientific knowledge and discoveries. If you have any questions or would like further clarification about our ownership or funding sources, please feel free to contact us at admin@scienceabc.com. Your feedback is essential to us as we continuously improve and uphold the standards you expect from ScienceABC.