What’s The Safest Clothing And Body Posture To Survive A Lightning Strike?

Although it’s a tragedy that it happens to anyone, in the event that it does happen, what’s the best way to survive a lightning strike?

It should be pretty obvious that the current passing through the human body when it’s struck by lightning is more than enough to end a person’s life on the spot. Suppose that you’re in an open garden on a cloudy evening; all of a sudden, you see bolts of lightning streak through the sky. You know that there is no house nearby that will offer you shelter, so what can you do?

What Are You Wearing?

Your safety also depends on what you’re wearing. So, what is the ideal way to dress during a lightning strike that could protect you? Well, it is highly unlikely that you will change your attire during a lighting strike, but since we’re curious, rather than practical, let’s see which is the best outfit to suit the occasion.

Body Armour

A full suit of armor (Credits:Margo Harrison/Shutterstock)

No, we’re actually not kidding. This metallic body armor would be your best bet against a lightning strike.

I can already hear the questions rattling around in your head: How can it be so good if it is such a good conductor of electricity itself?

That is precisely the reason why a metallic covering all over your body would protect you against lightning. You wouldn’t be grounded to anything, just surrounded by metal, which would be conducting all the electricity into the ground, not into you!

Now, let’s address the title of this post. What would the best body posture be to ensure that you successfully survive a lightning strike? Watch the video below to find out. It just might save your life someday!

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