Stand Still Or Run? How To Avoid Getting Wet In The Rain

Imagine taking a stroll along a road when it suddenly starts raining. Now, if you’re not one of those people who enjoy getting soaking wet every time it rains, then your first reaction would be to break into a sprint. People generally start running the moment the first raindrop hits them, whether or not they are running for cover. Apparently, they think that if they run, they’re at a lower ‘risk’ of getting soaked.

But is it really true that you get less wet when you run through the rain?

If you think about it, the explanation is actually very simple.

When you’re running in the rain, you get struck by raindrops from two sides: from the top and from the sides (front). However, on the other hand, if you’re standing still in the rain, then you’re only getting struck by raindrops from the top, and not from the sides, due to your stationary position.

Now, what if you want to run to a shed that is just a few meters away from where you’re standing? Will running help in that case?

The answer, my friend, can be found in this video:


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