Why Do Bats Hang Upside Down While They Sleep?

You must have seen bats hanging upside plenty of times, even when they’re sleeping. Doesn’t it look a bit weird? I mean, how could you sleep while your legs were desperately clutching a branch! As it turns out, bats have a strange knack for sleeping exactly like this, with their heads down and their feet holding onto the branch of a tree.

We know that it happens, but why do they do that?

bat sleeping


There are a few reasons for this unusual behavior.

Safety First! Hanging upside down is a great way to hide from predators, such as birds and other dangerous predators, particularly during the daytime. When they sense any danger, they just let go of the branch, and soon enough, they’re gone. They are able to hide themselves by hiding in places where most creatures are unable to look.

Ideal Position for Takeoff: Unlike birds, bats find it much easier to just let go of the branch they are holding in their claws and fall into flight almost instantly.

Bat in Flight

Bat in Flight (Credits:kajornyot/Shutterstock)

Getting relaxed: Unlike for many other creatures, it is found that for bats, being upside down is actually a relaxing position. Incredible, right? Researchers have found that bats find it easier to be upside down, as it consumes less energy than being upright.

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