Why Does A Dog Stink After It Gets Wet?

It is a well-known fact that dogs have pretty amazing noses. They have such an extraordinary ability in their nose that they can smell thousands of things that the human nose will almost surely miss.

However, when it comes to dogs themselves, have you ever noticed how bad they smell after they get wet?

Trust me, if you’ve never been around a wet dog, just take my word for it.  They do! But why does this happen?

Bacteria, As Always!

Microorganisms like yeast and bacteria find their way into the fur of almost all dogs and make themselves comfortable there. Now, when these microorganism have to excrete, they do so by letting out some extremely stinky stuff. Although these microorganisms are always on their fur, you only smell that stench when your dog gets wet. Why?

This liquid-specific phenomenon occurs because when water comes in contact with the fur, it displaces the volatile molecules of their excreta, which then make their way right to our noses, resulting in our instinctual, “Eww!”

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