What Is Dialectics? What Is The Triad Thesis?

Table of Contents (click to expand)Hegel’s Dialectical TriadThe SynthesisDialectical Materialism And MarxismLimitations Of DialecticsConclusion Dialectics underscores reality’s dynamic and contradictory nature, as seen in the Hegelian triad of thesis, antithesis, and synthesis. Dialectics is a philosophical concept that originates from ancient Greek philosophy and has been developed and refined over centuries by various thinkers. At its core, dialectics is a way of reasoning and understanding the world that emphasizes reality’s dynamic, interconnected, and contradictory nature.  The term ‘dialectics’ comes from the Greek word ‘dialektikḗ,’ which means the art of conversation or discussion. In the classical Greek tradition, dialectics was associated with the Socratic method of questioning and refuting … Continue reading What Is Dialectics? What Is The Triad Thesis?