What Is Rewilding And Why Is It Important?

Table of ContentsWhat is rewilding?Why is rewilding important?What are the different rewilding approaches?Pleistocene rewildingPassive rewildingTranslocation (or trophic) rewildingExamples of rewilding efforts Rewilding is a conservation strategy whereby predators or dominant herbivore species are introduced (or reintroduced) into a degrading habitat to help restore balance. Have you ever imagined a world without majestic beasts like elephants, tigers, wolves, cheetahs, pumas or jaguars? A world where you could go on wilderness adventures, but instead of seeing charismatic species like tigers and bears, you would only spot their prey? Unfortunately, at the rate at which we’re going, we will likely live in such … Continue reading What Is Rewilding And Why Is It Important?