The Amazing Wireless Bungee Jump that Will Knock Your Socks Off!

Wireless bungee jumping sounds like a great idea and IKEA came up with a video showing a cordless jump using magnets. Actually, it wasn’t real, but fake.

Bungee jumping is a really cool activity, as long as you’re a spectator. However, when it’s your turn, there is a bizarre blend of terror and uncontrollable excitement. For those who don’t know what bungee jumping is, it’s basically an activity that involves jumping from a tall structure (usually a building or a cliff), while being connected to a long, elastic cord.

Recently, a video went viral on the Internet that portrayed researchers testing (successfully) a wireless bungee jumping mechanism. Honestly, we should have seen it coming, but it sounds impossible, right? After wireless phones, the Internet and computers, wireless bungee jumping was probably inevitable. We humans are minimalists.

How Would This Be Possible?

Scientists exploited the phenomenon of repulsion that magnets display. In magnetism, unlike poles attract, while like poles repel.


Therefore, they placed 4 strong magnets with a certain polarity on the floor in the form of a square. The jumper also had a magnet attached to his body, which had the same polarity as the magnets placed on the ground. As soon as the volunteer jumped, the magnets went into action and repelled the magnets on his body. This prevented the volunteer from falling to the ground and initiated a bungee-like motion.


The jumper in action.

And voila! It’s a simple application of physics, but it still seems pretty intimidating to me!

Watch this video demonstrating the wireless bungee jump.

I’m sorry for bursting your bubble, but this entire invention was a complete hoax. It was actually a commercial made by IKEA Sweden, as a way to advertise wireless charging. Pay close attention to that segment at the end of the video.

IKEA has launched an intelligent system that allows you to wirelessly charge your smartphone. No more hassling with wires…all you have to do is lay your smartphone on the wireless charger, which is beautifully incorporated in IKEA furniture. This also seems like an equally cool concept. I’ve gotta say, this whole thing is actually very clever advertising. Good job IKEA!

Now that the idea of wireless bungee jumping is out there, however, we can all hope to see something like this in the future!

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