What is the Right Time of Day to Drink Coffee?

There are some people who drink coffee and there are those who basically get drunk on coffee (not literally, of course). However, there are millions of people who are, in a way, totally dependent on this hot beverage to accomplish anything in a given morning. Some even say that it is impossible for them ‘imagine a life without coffee’. That statement seems blown out of proportion, but ask a true coffee addict and you’ll probably hear a similar complaint.

All About the Cortisol

The biological clock of the body controls the release of a hormone named ‘cortisol’, which is commonly known as a stress hormone. This is the hormone related to alertness that we experience throughout the day. However, research has shown that our cortisol levels do not stay constant throughout the day.

It has been found that if you consume coffee (or other energy drinks) at the time when our cortisol levels are already at their peak, then the effect of caffeine is significantly reduced. This means that you will experience less of an effect, and as a result, you will need to consume even more coffee to feel those energy-boosting effects.

Given that fact, when is the best time to consume coffee? Check out this video to find out:


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