Interesting Bat Facts: The Nocturnal Mammals That Can Fly!

Batman’s alter-ego, Bruce Wayne, was very afraid of bats and he had every right to be! Bats are weird, mysterious, and frightening freaks of nature. Batman managed to overcome his fear of bats and became the greatest superhero ever.

But why did Batman choose bats over any other fearsome creatures? Here’s why:

The only mammal that can fly

Bats are the second-largest order of mammal species in the world. Furthermore, they are the only mammals that can fly. Yes, that’s right, no other mammal has the flying superpower other than bats… and the Batman.

Bats Flying


Bats are nocturnal

Bats like Batman are freaks of nature. They don’t follow the herd. They live by their own rules, primarily in their nocturnal patterns; they sleep during the day and hunt for food at night. They are creatures of the dark and darkness is their ally.

Bats hunt for food at night because at night, there is no competition from any other birds. Smart, right!

Bats Nocturnal

Credits:Sanit Fuangnakhon/Shutterstock

Bats are not blind

Have you ever heard the saying “Blind as a Bat”? Well, technically, that’s not true! Bats can also see, but they can’t see in the dark like most creatures. So, yes, at night, they are basically blind. And yet, they hunt at night, so how is that possible?

How do they hunt at night?

They use a particularly cool superpower called echolocation. Bats are good at flying at night because they use sound, rather than sight, to navigate in the dark. This method of navigation is known as echolocation. To hunt insects, a bat sends a sound wave from its mouth, and when the wave hits the insect, the echo is reflected back towards the bat. This way, the bat knows where the insect is.

Now that you know all of these details, perhaps you can understand why bats are the chosen symbol of the mighty Batman. If I were Bruce Wayne, I probably would have chosen these clever, graceful beasts as my namesake too!

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