Staggering Features That Will Make You Buy Google Glass!

Seriously, will they never stop this constant, fast-paced progress in the already non-stop race of technology?

Don’t expect me to explain that…. it’s above my pay grade.

The world’s most beloved search engine does not just fetch search results on whatever it is that your fingers type into the search box, but they also innovate products that continuously transcend all the boundaries that we thought restrained us. Although there are many things that these great innovators have made, today we’ll be talking about Google Glass.

Keeping it Simple: What is Google Glass?

Google Glass is a wearable gadget utilizing what they call an Optical Head-Mounted Display (OHMD). This means that it is something you can put on, just like you put your glasses on, and bang! You’re cool already! However, this is not just any pair of glasses, the prefix ‘Google’ should be enough of a clue to that. These incredible glasses house a plethora of features. To put it simply, this is a wearable computer.

Features of Google Glass

Google Glass enables the wearer to view a variety of options in front of their eyes in a hands-free style. Basically, it means that you can use Google Glass as a smartphone, or even a computer, while you are on the move. What’s even more interesting is that Google launched this product with the very same motive: to have a computer that goes everywhere.

It basically resembles a regular pair of glasses, but is infinitely more interactive, as it has a smartphone-like display, can receive voice commands of the wearer, and boasts Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity, as well as features like GPS, microphone, speakers and a camera that can record everything that you ‘re seeing. This feature comes in pretty handy when you want to click pictures from time to time, but don’t want to lug out your DSLR or live with smartphone in your hand. Google Glass also has a touchpad (to help you navigate through the options) near the side of the lens (at the temple of the glass).


How is Google Glass Better than a Regular Smartphone?

Why do we need Google Glass when we already have our hands full with such great smartphones?

Well, the first and arguably most obvious advantage it has over smartphones is that it is ‘wearable.’ Smartphones (as of now) don’t fall into that category. Apart from that, Google Glass is much more handy; in fact, it is so handy that you don’t need your hands at all for using it!

With Google Glass, getting lost on the road will be a thing of the past, as it constantly streams real-time information from the real world for the user to witness. With this device, you won’t have to look away from the road while driving to check the notifications, as you do now with your phone.

It also comes with a technology that is poised to redefine the way in which we see and thus perceive the real world. Augmented reality is the name of this cutting-edge advancement. This enables the user to see maps and routes, right in front of their eyes; it is like a translucent overlay of what they are currently witnessing.


While shopping, Google Glass enables you to draw up shopping lists and the products you need for cooking something at your house; it would also tell you how much of anything you would need to cook a particular recipe. It would also enhance sports by telling you real-time distances, speeds, heights and whatnot – right in front of your eyes! You will never feel alienated in a new place, as you will be told by Google Glass how to say any sentence in any language, right on the spot. No strings attached…literally!

I Want it Now!

Google released a prototype of Google Glass in 2013, and then released it for public use on April 15, 2014 for $1500. It became so popular that there are already many myths floating around about this cool new wearable. In fact, there are so many that Google actually released a list of myths to clear the air and make sure that consumers were fully informed. You can check it out here.

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