What’s It Like To Be Color Blind?

The world is a beautiful place in every way imaginable. ‘Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder’ seems to hold true in every situation, and yet it seems even more important when we are talking about ‘colors’. Colors, when combined with other colors in different proportions, can create truly stunning sights. Colors make the world look mesmerizing, and we should all be grateful to see them.

However, what if a person is unable to see colors as they really are?

The Retina Knows it All

Inside every human eye, there is a screen-like object called the ‘retina’, which has tiny little receptors called ‘cones’ and ‘rods’. While rods basically have the task of detecting and differentiating the intensity of darkness or brightness of something, it is the cones that respond to different colors.


These cones respond to various wavelengths of light, which enable us to see colors that can be classified into three major categories: red, green and blue. If you are able to see and identify all the colors without any difficulty, then you are a ‘trichromat’. However, there are some people who are dichromats and have only two types of cones in their eyes. Research shows that almost 2% of the male population suffers from this condition, which prevents them from distinguishing between red, orange, green and yellow.

Test Yourself

There are some easy tests that can be carried out to test whether you suffer from color blindness or not. Check out your color vision skills by clicking here.


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