How Scientifically Accurate Is The Movie ‘Interstellar’?

Table of ContentsCan people really travel through wormholes?Can robots like TARS exist?How does the ‘Gravity Equation’ help the mass exodus of humanity?Time Dilation and the Tidal Wave PlanetSuggested ReadingThe movie Interstellar is a sci-fi thriller of epic proportions, involving everything from escaping Earth due to climate change to wormholes and time dilation. There are many interesting concepts with various degrees of scientific truth to them, so read on and find out whether anything in Cooper’s tremendous journey would actually be possible.Needless to say, this post might spoil a little bit of the plot.Can people really travel through wormholes?The wormhole in Interstellar is the driving … Continue reading How Scientifically Accurate Is The Movie ‘Interstellar’?