Why Making Music Is Extremely Good For Your Brain

There must be something about words backed up by a sweet melody that sounds nice to the ears. Music is something that has influenced people for thousands of years. Whether for entertainment, relaxation, spiritual assembly, or anything else, music finds its way into almost every domain of human activities.

So what is it about music that makes it sound so special and moving?

One for the Brain

Although many people don’t know it, this phenomenon is not limited to humans. It is also seen that animals respond to certain melodies, provided they are played at the right volume! A number of studies have been carried out on humans and animals, when the brain of a person who was actively listening to music was analyzed using high-tech equipment and scanners.

It was found that listening to music led to the simultaneous activation of many regions of the brain. Unlike when we are doing a math problem, when only a certain part of the brain is activated, listening to music activates multiple regions of the brain. This means that a nice tone is able to influence us and touches many parts of the brain at the same time.

Brain Image


What Happens When You Make Music?

Now comes the big question: what happens inside your brain when you are actually making or producing a piece of music? Perhaps you are strumming out a new tune on the guitar, orchestrating a new symphony on the piano, or any other act of musical creation, but does it do any good for your brain?

Of course! The creative process is excellent for your brain!

Making music is far better than just listening to music for the overall health and wellness of the brain. To understand even more about the tremendous benefits that producing music can have on the brain, watch the fascinating video below:


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