8 Things in Almost Every Action Movie That Are Actually Impossible

Movies take us to a different world altogether, which is why they fascinate us year in and year out. These movies depict worlds where the hero walks undaunted to save the life of his love interest, where a car jumps off a cliff and somehow lands on the other side of the mountain with its occupants unharmed, or best of all, when the hero coolly walk away from a devastating explosion.

There are many things shown in movies that we assume are “realistic”, but in truth, many of them are scientifically infeasible. Take a look at these 8 examples of common action movie events, and dive into the explanation of how they’re simply not possible in real life.

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Ashish is a Science graduate (Bachelor of Science) from Punjabi University (India). He spends a lot of time watching movies, and an awful lot more time discussing them. He likes Harry Potter and the Avengers, and obsesses over how thoroughly Science dictates every aspect of life… in this universe, at least.

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